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Worst Case Scenario Episode 25
August 03, 2010 10:25 AM PDT
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Originally aired 8/2/2010 on

The Really Depressing Song Pink Turds In Space The Complete Pink Turds In Space
The Thousand Mile Stare Assück 1992 State to State
Tuonen Mustaparaati Ääritila 2008 ...Ennen Huomista,Tänä Tuomiopäivänä...
Inno Di Morte Cancer Spreading 2009 Cancer Spreading/Disköntroll-Split
Slave To Convenience Deformed Conscience 1997 Split w/Excrement of War
Suffer through the Apocalypse For Fuck Sake 2010 Trapped Like a Rat
Dead Wolves Brody's Militia
Bomb Blast Framtid 2001 Consuming Shit and Mind Pollution Demo
Condemned Hulluus 2007 Hulluus
Dedicate Yourself For Nothing My Flag Is Crumpled 2009 First Four Years
Serge Suesnel Mesrine 2002 Shot to Death
Black And Blue Collar The Pist 1995 Ideas Are Bulletproof
Cappio al Collo Post Fata Resurgo 2008 S/T 7"
Kontaktproblem Rövsvett 1994 Varning För Punk !! Vol. 2
Wargames Scourge Schematic 2010 Suffering Mind /Scourge Schematic
Destrua Neurose Urbana 1999 Vivendo, Sofrendo E Morrendo! 7"
Profound Incessant Minimalism Scalp-Lock 1998 Bllleeeaauurrgghh!-A Music War
Millions Of Dead Words Kontrasosial 2006 Concepted Well
Bullshit in Usa Drunken Vengeance Bastard st 7"
Sincere Young Men Saving the World in Thirty Second Bursts of Noise
Sawn Off 1995 Health Hazard - Sawn Off Split ep.
Thick Coating Issues Toast 1996 Split w/Spazz
Genetic Nightmare Dissystema 2005 The Grim Prospects Of Our Future
nuclear gore Masskontroll 1995 Will You Ever Learn Lp
Boiling Blood World Burns To Death 2007 Totalitarian Sodomy
Absorption Fuck Hate Propaganda 2004 Sick Terror & Fuck Hate Propaganda Split 7''
Cycle of Shit Hellnation 1996 Sink/Hellnation Split EP
Sa Diktatorisk Kafka Prosess 1985 Ingen Fattige, Ingen Rike (Re-I
The Nightstalker Rajasinga 2008 Pandora
Raining Death Nuklear Fear
No Room Sex Vid 2008 Communal Living
Engendro Machetazo 2002 Trono De Huesos
Kevorkian Has A Cure Wartorn 2005 Adolph Bushler
Himno Song Karnvapen Attack Postnuclear Hardcore 7"
Vaktmatar Jazz Filthy Christians Filthy Christians & G-ANX Split 7''
Idget Child Man Is The Bastard 2000 Mancruel
Nie Bój Się Edelweiss Piraten 2009 Blizna
Government lies Discrusher 2007 Raw Demo
Complete Government System Real Reggae 2001 Maze + THC Best
Rip Off Someone Else's Record And Call It DIY Secret 7 Play Fast Like There Is No Tomorrow 7"
Freegan Idiot Deep Shit 2009 America's Most Haunted
Condemned to Life Crustavci 2008 More a Legend Than a Band
Can You Fake It Bread and Water 2003 Bread and Water
Krank Ist Normal Yacøpsæ Discoregraphy
Information Super Lost Highway Agoraphobic Nosebleed 1998 PCP Torpedo 6"
Law Of The Land Black Kronstadt 1994 Capital Crimes Of The State
The Final Argument Bisect 1994 Nastepna Krwawa Interwencja
Hartos del Sistema Drömdead 2009 Donde Esta Tu Dios?
Heresy - Face Up To It Heresy 2009 Grind Madness At The BBC
Brinnande Kors Missbrukarna 1994 Varning För Punk !! Vol. 1
Lord Verde Sem Talento 2009 Portugal na Merda
Lost Hopes Stormcrow 2009 Mass Grave/Stormcrow Split LP
Cult of the Ancestral Dead The Warwolves 2009 The Warwolves/Dishammer Split
Victims of a Slaughter Coma 2004 Mass Genocide Process / Coma EP
Imperial Domination Against Empire 2006 Bring The War Home
Jaded at 23 Civil Terror 2008 Surrounded By Assholes
Promise Keepers Brother Inferior 1998 Brother Inferior / Whorehouse of Representatives Split 7 inch
Estagnacao Difekto Dischord / Subcut / Antikorpus / Difekto
Democreazy Jesus Cröst 2005 Fehlentscheidung lp